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Zainab Asif

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    I'm a DIAMOND in the rough ;) Mellow — that's my style. I take life pretty easy and don't get my undies in a bunch about too much.. That's what makes me so easy and enjoyable to hang out with. While others are trying to change the world, I'm just looking to enjoy it. Good natured and easy-going, I take life as it comes instead of trying to stir things up. I usually don't give two shakes about bling, frontin', or the cutting edge. It's all about keeping it real and having a good time while I'm doing it. For real. A compassionate and sympathetic soul, I'm a great friend who's always willing to lend an ear and a helping hand to my loved ones, strangers, and stray animals alike. I keep up my good deeds and positive attitude. It's a great addition to any scene. Khakis? No thanks. Let's face it: Mainstream is kinda, well, boring.I'd rather be caught dead than be caught at Abercrombie (unless it's to snicker at all the people dressed exactly the same). But more than that, I know that bucking the rules of fashion is way cooler than following trends, and that's because nothing's more "in" than following your own heart. Who cares what those people think anyway? I'm too busy having fun to notice. My clever comments and quick thinking make me a favorite friend. So, I continue batting those eyelashes, winking that eye, and making others feel like a million bucks, hot stuff! Trying new things keeps my life interesting, but I do enjoy the tried-and-true from time to time. Still, I'm always bound to shine when I'm living on the edge! My fun, positive energy is addictive, and my friends love the way my happy-go-lucky attitude helps them break out of their everyday routines, too. I keep making daring leaps, I’m the Miss Enthusiastic!

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