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Zoltan Karaszi

  • PhD Candidate In Chemical Physics
  • Kent State University
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Research interests

Neural Network Algorithm Based Phase Classification of POM LC TexuresFerroelectric Liquid CrystalBent Core Liquid CrystalParticle Modelling at Computational Science at SimulationMachine Learning


As PhD Candidate in Chemical Physics at Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent state University I work with Professor Antal Jakli on the research project of auto-classification of Liquid Crystal (LC) Polarized Optical Microscope (POM) textures applying back-propagated feed-forward neural network machine learning algorithms; and generate a unique LC POM Data Base with a public access to our server via web application for interested Chemical Physics professionals and Chemical Physics students with educational purposes.

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  • Advanced neural network clustering techniques for liquid crystal texture classification

    • Submitted A
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PhD Candidate In Chemical Physics

Kent State University

August 2013 - Present