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Mendeley Stats lets you see the number of views, downloads and citations of your publications in one place.

Publication performance revealed

You’ll always know how people are engaging with your publications. The total number of citations, views and downloads of each publication is updated daily. What’s more, you can share your stats with your network!

Detailed views of your readership

With Mendeley Stats, you get more than just numbers. You can also see details of recent citations and the role and discipline of Mendeley users reading your work.

Data you can trust

We rely on three reputable sources for all our citations, views and downloads information. Our stats come from Scopus, the renowned author information database; ScienceDirect, the world’s largest scientific literature repository; and Mendeley, the community built by and for researchers.

Your impact in the media

Is the media mentioning your work? What’s the popular opinion of your research? Mendeley Stats taps into 55 media outlets, giving you daily updates of who’s written about you and links so you can see what they’re saying.

See the impact of your publications

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