Release Notes for Mendeley Cite

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We have:

  • Fixed an issue where manual override was being incorrectly applied to numerical citation styles when a new citation was inserted.

  • Improved the startup time by downloading the citation styles after your list of reference list appears.

Support for Mendeley Cite


Released on:  19/4/2021

You can now:

  • Copy and paste citations from one document to another

We have also:

  • Fixed an issue where apostrophes in the author name field would cause the interface to break

  • Updated the ‘Refresh Library’ button to ‘Update From Library’ to better explain the action this button performs

  • Added support for hyphenated characters in search terms

  • Added support for special characters/diacritics in search terms

  • Fixed an issue where citations were being mixed up in the document and improved the stability of citations in a document

  • Fixed an issue where citations previously created were no longer recognised by Mendeley Cite

  • Reduced the startup file size of the app, which increases the startup speed


Support for Mendeley Cite