Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.1

This update includes several stability, performance and usability improvements.

  • Improved the performance of inserting citations and refreshing documents using the Word plugins.
  • When a pair of documents are marked as not being duplicates in the 'Check for Duplicates' tool, that decision is remembered on the computer on which it was made.
  • Fixed several problems when refreshing a document whilst the 'Track Changes' feature is enabled in Word.
  • Pressing the 'Delete' key now removes the selected document from the current collection, instead of moving it to the trash. Pressing Shift+Delete (Cmd+Delete on Mac) moves the document to the trash and Ctrl+Shift+Delete (Cmd+Shift+Delete on Mac) removes it completely.
  • Folders in the left-hand pane are now collapsed on startup.
  • Mendeley no longer follows shortcuts or symlinks to other folders when scanning watched folders or importing files from a folder.
  • Fixed a sporadic bug with restoring folders on when restoring a backup from Mendeley Desktop.
  • Auto-updates are now compressed for faster download.
  • Fixed a problem which could allow multiple copies of Mendeley to run at once.
  • Fixed Bibtex sync not updating the corresponding Bibtex files when documents are added to or removed from folders.
  • (Mac) Reduced watched folders resource usage and fixed a crash when watching a folder containing a large number of sub-folders.
  • (Windows) Fixed Mendeley not being able to close Word automatically when needed on 64bit Windows.
  • (Windows) Mendeley Desktop now sends us more detailed reports in the event of a crash.


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