Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.13-dev4

Important Note about Backwards Compatibility: This release includes major under-the-hood changes to syncing with your online account. If you encounter any problems, read these instructions for help switching back to an older release.


  • Improved metadata quality - Mendeley will now match imported PDFs against our catalog of the world's research and pull in metadata from it. This provides more accurate and complete metadata for many papers, including full abstracts and publication information for millions of articles
  • Catalog metadata lookup - For articles marked as 'Needs Review', you can now search our catalog with a single click for better metadata and abstracts for many articles.
  • Faster and more data-efficient sync - Syncing large libraries onto new systems is now faster and shows better progress information. Sync now uses less bandwidth, especially for large libraries.

Supported Platforms

  • This release re-introduces support for certain older Linux systems, including CentOS / RedHat / Scientific Linux 6.5


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