Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.13.5-dev3

This update fixes several bugs that could cause sync errors, especially when using the Zotero Sync feature.

Fixed in 1.13.5-dev3

  • Fixed an issue where crash reports from previous 1.13.5 builds were not submitted correctly.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed bug with Zotero Sync that caused "This file already exists for this document ID" error.
  • Fixed issue with public groups that caused "Access to this resource is not allowed" error.
  • Fixed issue that caused "You can't create a folder with the same name and parent" error.
  • Fixed issue that caused "Note text is too long" error.
  • Fixed issue that caused errors relating to author name lengths.
  • Undoing 'Update Details' now only undoes the changes made by that action, rather than all changes made since the command was triggered.
  • Fixed page counts in citations generated for books, thesies, manuscripts and technical reports.


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