Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

Download the most recent Mendeley Desktop version

Mendeley Desktop v1.19.3-dev1

You can now export multiple PDFs with annotations


We have fixed the following bugs:

  • In the library:
    • The ‘Read’ column has been restored in the Recently Read view
    • The application is no longer unresponsive during automatic backups
    • For MacOSX Sierra and High Sierra users we have reduced the GPU usage
    • Annotations can now be moved after they have been created
    • Annotations are no longer displaying as ‘Unknown user’ for all exported annotations
  • In the MS Word Citation plugin:
    • Fixed an issues causing users to get the error message ‘Range cannot be deleted (6028)
    • Merging citation in areas other than the body text now merge correctly
    • Correct error messages are now displayed when you try to insert a citation or bibliography in a prohibited area
    • Fixed some issues to improve performance
  • In the LibreOffice citation plugin
    • Adjacent inline or footnote citations no longer fail to merge when cited in a table


We know some of you are still experiencing issues with the MS Word citation plugin and we do not yet have a fix for all of these but we have added some extra options to help us debug these issues.


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