Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.6-dev3

This is the third development preview of Mendeley Desktop 1.6. Changes since 1.6-dev2:

  • Improved interface for browsing search matches in the PDF viewer.
  • When opening a PDF from the search results view, the PDF viewer will now try to jump to the first match of the phrase in the PDF.
  • Search now wraps around in the PDF viewer when reaching the first or last result.
  • Fixed PDF scrolling becoming very slow if a search found a large number of matches.
  • Clicking 'Go to Mendeley' in the citation editor now switches to the 'All Documents' list in Mendeley.
  • (Mac) Updated toolbar style on Snow Leopard and Leopard.
  • (Mac) Fixed Escape key not exiting full-screen view under Lion.
  • (Mac) The 'Cite' and 'Cancel' buttons in Mendeley Desktop are shown on the correct side of the toolbar.
  • (Windows) Download progress is now reported again when downloading PDF files.

Known Issues

  • (Mac) Dragging and dropping PDF documents from outside of Mendeley Desktop into the documents view does not work.


Mendeley uses

Mendeley Open Source Library

The Mendeley Open Source library contains code derived from Qt or kdelibs, and some Mendeley-authored utility classes.