Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.6-dev4

This update for Mendeley Desktop 1.6 fixes several bugs with account switching and the citation editor.

  • (Windows, Mac) Fixed account switching using the wrong local database.
  • (Mac) Fixed a bug where logging into in Safari and checking 'Remember Me' would result in the same login being used in Mendeley Desktop.
  • (Mac) Fixed items in the 'Go' menu being disabled in PDF viewer tabs.
  • (Mac) Fixed drag and drop of items from Finder into Mendeley Desktop not working.
  • (Linux) Fixed appearance of File menu under KDE.
  • Sort groups alphabetically in the citation editor.
  • Fixed a problem when trying to insert the same citation twice in the citation editor.


Mendeley uses

Mendeley Open Source Library

The Mendeley Open Source library contains code derived from Qt or kdelibs, and some Mendeley-authored utility classes.