Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.7-dev1

This update makes it easier to import custom and 3rd-party citation styles into Mendeley Desktop, search for citation styles and share styles. There are also improvements to search behavior and performance.

  • Easier import of citation styles
    • In the 'Get More Styles' tab of the citation style browser, there is now a facility to paste a link to a style and Mendeley will download and install the style.
    • Support for mendeley:// links which open a citation style in Mendeley Desktop when clicked.
  • Search improvements
    • Search behavior is now consistent between the citation editor and Mendeley Desktop.
    • Search behavior is now consistent between document details and full text search.
    • Search results now update incrementally as they become available.
    • Fixed several bugs with the handling of OR and '-' terms in queries.
    • The limitations on searching for single character terms and certain common words have been removed.
    • The search view will now show snippets from any matching field (eg. URLs, DOI, citation key, institution) rather than just abstract, tags and notes.

    Citation style editor and search by example. This release adds integration with a tool for editing citation styles.

    • Right click on a style in the citation style browser and click 'Edit Style' to create a customized version of an existing style.
    • Each customized style has a link which can be shared with fellow users of Mendeley or other software which supports CSL styles (such as Zotero and Papers).
    • Search by example - The citation editor has a facility where you can provide an example citation and bibliography entry and search for styles that provide the most similar output.


  • Import suggestions. When importing PDFs from a folder, Mendeley will look for other PDFs in the same folder and will offer to import them as well.
  • Toolbar refresh. The layout and look of the toolbar has been refreshed on Linux and Windows.
  • Reduced UI hiccups when editing document details.
  • Updated tab switching shortcuts. Ctrl+ (Windows) or Cmd+ (Mac) can be used to switch to a tab. Ctrl+PageDown / PageUp (Windows) or Cmd+PageDown / PageUp (Mac) switch to the previous and next tabs.
  • Added Edit -> Copy Citation menu item which copies a citation for the selected document.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hang when enabling BibTeX sync for the first time in a large library.
  • Fixed hang when performing batch edits in a large library.
  • Emptying the contents of the notes field did now syncs correctly.
  • (Mac) Fixed incorrect tool being selected when switching back and forth between PDF viewer and 'My Library' tabs.
  • Fixed PDF links not working in some PDFs.
  • Fixed crashes that could occur if the search indexes became corrupt.


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