Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.7-dev3

This update fixes bugs in the Mac Word plugin, search and the citation styles dialog.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed installation of Mac Word plugin on systems where Word's Startup folder differs from the US English default.
  • Fixed installation of Mac Word plugin where admin rights are required.
  • Added a Help button in Word plugin error messages.
  • The 'Install MS Word Plugin' option is now always shown in the Tools menu, regardless of whether Word is installed or not.
  • Selecting an existing citation to edit it no longer requires the whole citation to be selected in Mac Word 2008.
  • Fixed filter box failing to find any matches for authors, tags etc. that contain parentheses.
  • Fixed searches for hyphenated terms in specific fields returning no results.
  • Fixed journal abbreviations file not being used if any entry in the file contained quotes.
  • (Windows) Fixed an issue where Mendeley Desktop failed to connect to Mendeley Web on Windows XP systems with Internet Explorer 6.
  • Fixed citation editor not inserting citations properly if multiple citations in a group had the same authors and year.
  • Fixed citation style drop-down not displaying correct style after refreshing documents in Mac Word 2011.
  • Fixed changes to page number / prefix / suffix author fields not being saved when editing an existing citation, unless the field was deselected prior to accepting the changes.
  • (Mac) Fixed a problem where the citation style dialog could get stuck behind the main Mendeley Desktop window.
  • Fixed a problem where Mendeley could repeatedly offer to import the same citations into Mendeley Desktop when refreshing a document which was originally authored by a different Mendeley user.
  • Fixed crash when downloading the same citation style twice in the citation style dialog.


Mendeley uses

Mendeley Open Source Library

The Mendeley Open Source library contains code derived from Qt or kdelibs, and some Mendeley-authored utility classes.