Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.9-dev2

New Features

  • The search field now supports 'published_in:' an alternative way to search for documents from specific publications, to match search on
  • The search field now allows the '-' operator to appear before field names to exclude certain documents (example: 'papercraft -author:zhu')
  • Clarified the wording in the dialog that appears when adding documents to 'My Publications' to make it clear that any attached PDFs will be available to download from your profile.

Bug Fixes

  • Performing a Document merge on a filtered folder now shows the merge pane.
  • Cmd+L/R in the PDF viewer no longer jumps to the first or last page.
  • Copying selected text using Ctrl+C now copies the text, not the citation.
  • The crash on literature search while not connected is solved.
  • Fixed a bug where the tool shown as selected in the toolbar did not match the actual active tool in the PDF viewer when opening new tabs
  • (Mac) Moving Mendeley Desktop from a normal display to a retina one updates the resolution of the PDF viewer.
  • Fixed the Go -> Last Page action in the PDF viewer


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