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Self monitoring of expressive behavior

Snyder M...(+1 more)

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, vol. 30, issue 4 (1974) pp. 526-537

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1. I would probably make a good actor. TRUE FALSE 2. In order to get along and be liked, I tend to be what people expect me to be rather than anything else. T F 3. I am not always the person I appear to be. T F 4. I can make impromptu speeches even on topics about which I have almost no information. T F * 5. In a group of people I am rarely the center of attention. T F * 6. I find it hard to imitate the behavior of other people. T F 7. I may deceive people by being friendly when I really dislike them. T F * 8. My behavior is usually an expression of my true inner feelings, attitudes and, beliefs. T F * 9. I feel a bit awkward in public and do not show up as well as I should. T F 10. I guess I put on a show to impress or entertain people. T F 11. In different situation and with different people, I often act like very different persons. T F * 12. I have never been good at games like charades or improvisational acting. T F * 13. I am not particularly good at making other people like me. T F 14. When I am uncertain how to act in a social situation, I look to the behavior of others for cues. T F 15. I have considered being an entertainer. T F * 16. At a party I let others keep the jokes and stories going. T F 17. Even if I am not enjoying myself, I often pretend to be having a good time. T F 18. I laugh more when I watch a comedy with others than alone. T F 19. I sometime appear to others to be experiencing deeper emotions than I actually am. T F 20. I can look anyone in the eye and tell a lie with a straight face. T F * 21. I have trouble changing my behavior to suit different people and different situations. T F * 22. I can only argue for ideas, which I already believe. T F * 23. At parties and social gatherings, I do not attempt to do or say things that others will like. T F * 24. I would not change my opinions (or the way I do things) in order to please someone or win their favor. T F * 25. I rarely need the advice of my friends to choose movies, books, or music. T F

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