­­­Proteomic analysis of H3K36me3 and PSIP1/p75 (LEDGF) complexes reveal their wider role in DNA repair

  • Pradeepa M
  • Taylor G
  • von Kriegsheim A
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Background: Trimethylation at histone H3 at lysine 36 (H3K36me3) is associated with expressed gene bodies and recruit proteins implicated in transcription, splicing and DNA repair. PC4 and SF2 interacting protein ( PSIP1/LEDGF ) is a transcriptional coactivator, possesses a  H3K36me3 reader PWWP domain. Alternatively spliced isoforms of PSIP1 binds to H3K36me3 and suggested to function as adaptor proteins to recruit transcriptional modulators, splicing factors and proteins that promote homology directed repair (HDR), to H3K36me3 chromatin. Methods: We performed chromatin immunoprecipitation of H3K36me3 followed by quantitative mass spectrometry to identify proteins associated with H3K36 trimethylated chromatin in mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs). Furthermore, we performed stable isotope labelling with amino acids in cell culture (SILAC) for a longer isoform of PSIP1 (p75) and MOF/KAT8 in mESCs and mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFS). Results: Proteomic analysis of H3K36me3 chromatin show association of proteins involved in transcriptional elongation, RNA processing and DNA repair with H3K36me3 chromatin. Furthermore, we show DNA repair proteins like PARP1, gamma H2A.X, XRCC1, DNA ligase 3, SPT16, Topoisomerases and BAZ1B are predominant interacting partners of PSIP1/p75. We validated the association of PSIP1/p75 with gamma H2A.X, an early marker of DNA damage and also demonstrated accumulation of damaged DNA in PSIP1 knockout MEFs. Conclusions: In contrast to the previously demonstrated role of H3K36me3 and PSIP1/p75 in promoting HDR in mammals, our data supports the wider role of H3K36me3 and PSIP1 in maintaining the genome integrity by recruiting several DNA repair proteins to transcribed gene bodies.




Pradeepa, M. M., Taylor, G. C. A., & von Kriegsheim, A. (2017). ­­­Proteomic analysis of H3K36me3 and PSIP1/p75 (LEDGF) complexes reveal their wider role in DNA repair. Wellcome Open Research, 2, 83. https://doi.org/10.12688/wellcomeopenres.11589.1

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