Insertion of alkynes into Pt-X bonds of square planar [PtX 2(N^N)] (X = Cl, Br, I) complexes

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The reactivity with acetylene of [PtX2(Me2phen)] (X = Cl, Br, I) complexes has been investigated. Whereas the chlorido species [PtCl2(Me2phen)] exhibits negligible reactivity at short reaction times, the bromido and iodido species [PtBr2(Me 2phen)] and [PtI2(Me2phen)] lead initially to formation of Pt(ii) five-coordinate complexes, [PtX2(η 2-CHCH)(Me2phen)], that evolve to four-coordinate alkenyl complexes of the type [PtX(η1-E-CHCHX)(Me2phen)]. The alkenyl complexes, in the presence of excess acetylene, establish an equilibrium with the five-coordinate alkyne-alkenyl species [PtX(η1-E-CHCHX) (η2-CHCH)(Me2phen)] (X = Br, I). The π-bonded acetylene can be exchanged with free olefins or CO, affording the new alkene-alkenyl or carbonyl-alkenyl complexes [PtX(η1-E-CHCHX) (η2-olefin)(Me2phen)] and [PtX(η1-E- CHCHX)(CO)(Me2phen)]. The five-coordinate geometry of the alkyne-alkenyl and alkene-alkenyl complexes was assessed from NMR data and is fully consistent with that of a previously determined X-ray structure of [PtBr(η1-E-CHCHBr)(η2-CH2CH 2)(Me2phen)]. © 2014 the Partner Organisations.




Benedetti, M., Lamacchia, V., Antonucci, D., Papadia, P., Pacifico, C., Natile, G., & Fanizzi, F. P. (2014). Insertion of alkynes into Pt-X bonds of square planar [PtX 2(N^N)] (X = Cl, Br, I) complexes. Dalton Transactions, 43(23), 8826–8834.

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