The effects of polysaccharides, including xyloglucan from Hymenaea courbaril (XG), galactomannans from Schizolobium parahybae (GMSP) and Mimosa scabrella (GMMS), xanthan gum (XT), sodium hyaluronate (HNa) and Fucogel ® (FG), on the rheological behavior of cosmetic emulsions were evaluated. These incorporations gave rise to six emulsified systems, denoted XGE, GMSPE, GMMSE, XTE, HNaE and FGE, respectively. The emulsion consistency was found to follow the trend GMSPE > XGE > HNaE > FGE > XTE > GMMSE. In general, the addition of polysaccharides increased the viscoelastic properties of the emulsions and decreased the creep compliance. The neutral polysaccharides (GMSPE, GMMSE) led to better stability of the emulsions after storing for 20 days relative to charged polymers. It was found that polysaccharides XG, GMSP and GMMS, which come from the seeds of native Brazilian plant species, might be used to modify the flow properties and stabilities of oil-water emulsions. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.




R.P., V.-F., C.L.O., P., & J.L.M., S. (2013). Rheological characterization of O/W emulsions incorporated with neutral and charged polysaccharides. Carbohydrate Polymers, 93(1), 266–272. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.carbpol.2012.05.014 LK  - http://rug.on.worldcat.org/atoztitles/link/?sid=EMBASE&issn=01448617&id=doi:10.1016%2Fj.carbpol.2012.05.014&atitle=Rheological+characterization+of+O%2FW+emulsions+incorporated+with+neutral+and+charged+polysaccharides&stitle=Carbohydr+Polym&title=Carbohydrate+Polymers&volume=93&issue=1&spage=266&epage=272&aulast=Vianna-Filho&aufirst=Ricardo+Padilha&auinit=R.P.&aufull=Vianna-Filho+R.P.&coden=CAPOD&isbn=&pages=266-272&date=2013&auinit1=R&auinitm=P.

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