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Vincent  Eze
I am a PhD candidate and seeking for an active research group where i can work as a postdoc. My research background is on organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite and their applications for solar cells and OLED. Currently, i am working on low-temperature processed metal oxides for high-performance perovskite solar cells.

Thank you.

Vincent Eze.
Mahdi Faghihnasiri
Dear all,

I am a PhD student in Physics Department at Shahrood University of Technology, IRAN. My thesis is about "Theoretical study of electronic, mechanical and optical properties of nanostructured lead halide perovskites". I am really interested in Computational materials science and Electronic and Optical excitations.
I would really like to collaborate with a group as a research visit and enjoy the opportunity of working under their supervision at a period of 6 month or more and writing joint papers; Of course I am also ready to work on any related projects they might want me to do.

Is there any Research group which I can join?

this is my Googlescholar link:

I do appreciate your kind reply

Sincerely yours,
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Elias Urrejola
Elias Urrejola Perovskites? If you want my opinion go for crystalline PV. Work with soiling, anti-soiling solutions, IV curves etc.. there is still a lot of work to do there, more than going for this technology that has strong hystheresis and may not have a long lifetime
2nd September
muhammad aamir
Hello, i am interested in research in hybrid perovskites solar cells. i am expert in synthesis of novel hybrid perovskites. i have synthesized about 20 new derivatives by wet chemical method. now a days, i am in university of Zululand south Africa. here i am synthesizing nanoaprticles of hybrid perovskites and some novel bulk remember. is there any one give me a chance to explore photovoltaic ability of hybrid perovskites.
Abdelnasser Mohamed
Hello, I am so interested in Researches about Solar Energy, I have a strong experience in solar energy specially photovoltaics.
Is there anyone will give me a hand or any push ?
Abdelnasser Mohamed
Abdelnasser Mohamed Is there any Research group which I can join ?
4th January
ATOUANI Aboumed Hello Ahmed, what do you need exactly. I'm working on dye-sensitized solar cells but I have colleagues who are also working on ionrganiques cells.
12th January
ATOUANI Aboumed inorganic solar cells sorry
12th January
I just wanna join to an active research group because i am really eventuated about research and publication...pls give me a knock....if you are planning to start for a new research paper.

Thank you in advance.
Elias Urrejola
Elias Urrejola Wellcome !!!
6th August
Gennadiy Bulavko
Dear colleagues, I recently published a review in the field of organic photovoltaics. It is available at this link: If you do not complicate, please read, and write in the comments your opinion about it.
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Daifeng Zou
Daifeng Zou Thanks.
18th January
Elias Urrejola
Elias Urrejola great !!!
6th August
Deyuan Wei
Greetings to all...
I focus my research on microcrystalline silicon thin film solar cel and l will graduate soon. Does anybody know any job vacancy about crystalline or thin film solar cells? Huting for a job......
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olayinka olaogun
Good day All,
Just new in the group
please I want to start studying about organic solar cells devices. What article/paper can be of importance to start?
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Daqing He
Dear Mendeley user,

We are iRiS Lab at University of Pittsburgh and are conducting a study to learn how researchers use academic social networking sites. Please find the following link to the questionnaire that asks a variety of questions about your attitudes toward your usages of Mendeley. We will only analyze your answers in aggregation, and will not release them to others.


This study has been approved by the University of Pittsburgh Institutional Review Board (IRB# PRO12090367). We hope you can participate in our study. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Daqing He, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
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Tim Boescke
Groups on Mendeley appear to be somewhat useless?!?
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Elias Urrejola
A metal contact (width d2) lying on an insulator barrier making ohmic contact to a semiconductor in a barrier opening (width d1), d1<<d2: contact resistance depends on d1 or on d2?
Luca Seravalli
Greetings to all...
anybody working on intermediate band materials, here?
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Elias Urrejola
Elias Urrejola I am working on industrial solar cells :)
24th August
Andreas Brand
Howdy.... let's get some innovation done guys & gals, shall we?! :P
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Elias Urrejola
Elias Urrejola what do you mean?
21st July
Elias Urrejola
some one with experience on Al-Si alloys?
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Elias Urrejola
enjoy reading
Elias Urrejola
some one interested or working on aluminum-silicon alloy or contact formation?
Elias Urrejola
nice weekend to you all
Shengzhi Xu
how about 'plasma diagnostics during deposition of silicon based thin film by PECVD'
Shengzhi Xu
Shengzhi Xu it will consist of 'Langmuir probe measuring plasma parameters', Mass spectrometry measuring gas usage and residual gas', V-I probe to measure the impedance of chamber with or without plasma discharging'
25th March
birinchi bora
can anyone suggest me how to make conductive aluminium paste from aluminium powder for using as electrode in solar cells
Sachiko Matsushita
Hello, from Japan... I am working on the combination of photonic crystals and soalr cells. I wish I will find new friends here ;-)
Elias Urrejola
Elias Urrejola well, welcome and do not hesitate to share your interesting work :)
10th February
Sachiko Matsushita
Sachiko Matsushita Thank you ^^
11th February

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