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Ogunlana Kunle
I am a librarian ready to pursue my Ph.D programme on Altmetrics. I would like to seek assistant from member of this group. I will need advice from members, papers and conference presentations. Thank you all.
Catherine Chimes
Dear Colleagues,

We’re proud to announce the launch of the Altmetric Ambassadors program! We’ve debuted the Ambassadors program in response to requests to help researchers and librarians worldwide spread the word about altmetrics (in general) and (in particular) at their institutions.

A team of volunteer Ambassadors will:

- Stay up-to-date with the latest altmetrics news and research
- Host brown bags to introduce their colleagues to altmetrics and Altmetric’s tools
- Show their colleagues how to explore the online attention surrounding their work using the Altmetric bookmarklet
- Add Altmetric badges to their personal or lab web pages
- Share their stories to demonstrate how altmetrics can help all researchers

In return, we’ll send you exclusive Altmetric swag, share top-secret development plans for Altmetric products, buy coffee and donuts any time you host an Altmetric-related workshop, and help connect you with a fantastic, international group of like-minded researchers and librarians.

Visit to learn more and register your interest today!

Kind regards,

Cat and the Altmetric team
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firoozeh Dokhani
firoozeh Dokhani Hi Catherine
thanks a lot for your announce about altmetrics Ambassadrors program . I'm a ph.D student , and my theses is about Altmetrics , so I will need your advice because I want do new subject in this area .
with the best regards
22nd August
Lenuta Ursachi
Lenuta Ursachi Thank you for your information. I'm an academic librarian and I'm pretty interested about the concept. I prepare a promotional plan about how it helps the academic staff from my university. So, I want to know as much as possible about it.
27th August
Peter Kraker
We have recently had a call for position papers on interdisciplinary perspectives on bibliometrics in the context of the Web Science 2015 Workshop "Quantifying and Analysing Scholarly Communication on the Web (ASCW'15) - What can bibliometrics do for you? What can you do for bibliometrics?". All position papers have now been published on the workshop website under a CC license, and they are currently under an open peer review.

It would be grand to get your view on the issues discussed by the authors. You can access the papers here:

We are currently also welcoming discussants of the above papers. Being a discussant includes (1) preparing a response to one of the accepted paper which will be published on this site, and (2) acting as a discussant of the same paper at the workshop (10 min). Please write a short message to if you are interested!
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firoozeh Dokhani
firoozeh Dokhani Hi Kraker
thanks a lot for your announcement ,I'm going to do my deses about altmetrics, so I really interested in know about this conference and workshop articles.
I pleased if you send me articles related about this conference especially in Altmetrics domain.
with the best regards
my mail :
13th June
Lenuta Ursachi
Lenuta Ursachi Thank you for your information. I'm an academic librarian and I'm pretty interested about the concept. I prepare a promotional plan about how it helps the academic staff from my university. So, I want to know as much as possible about it. I assure you I'll have a look on the papers.
27th August
Peter Kraker
Peter Kraker Lenuta, thank you for your interest! firoozeh, all papers can be found online:
28th August
Alison Mark
Does anyone know of research exploring the different social media use rates of different disciplines? For example, I imagine solid state physicists use social media less than people researching nano-robotics, but is that true?
Alison Mark
Alison Mark Thanks Hamed. That is useful. I also subsequently found
9th June
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor I'm currently working on data looking at activity across 27 subject areas for all publications in 2014, I'm aiming to publish (at least, this is what I've promised people :D ), so not the fine granuarlity you're after, but better than most research to date. I shall, of course, be posting it here :D
17th June
Julie Woodland
Julie Woodland Sound great Michael :) I will be looking forward to your results as its topical here in research support in Australia
15th July
Deirdre Dunne
Having a presence on social media linked to higher citation rates in academic journals
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Dario Taraborelli
We just released a dataset of scholarly citations in the English Wikipedia by Pubmed / Pubmed Central ID.

The dataset currently includes the first known occurrence of a PMID or PMCID citation in an English Wikipedia article and the associated revision metadata, based on the most recent complete content dump of English Wikipedia. We’re planning on expanding this dataset to include other types of scholarly identifier soon.

Feel free to share this with anyone interested or spread the word via:
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Dario Taraborelli
Dario Taraborelli We added to the original PMID/PMCID release a dump of all DOI mentions in English Wikipedia
12th February
Michael Taylor
Hi. I'm looking for a recent (ish) paper or presentaiton on the number of articles that get linked from Wikipedia - I'm sure I've seen or read one in the last 18 months, but I can't find one. Any help gratefully received! thanks
Josep Gibert
Josep Gibert Thanks. You're right. It may be your article that Michael was looking for
12th February
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Perfect, thank you both.
12th February
Marinus Swanepoel
A couple of weeks a ago I watched a video where the presenter indicated the uptake/knowledge of altmetrics among faculty is around 7% (that is the number I remember). I would love to watch it again but cannot find it and did not bookmark it at the time :-( Can anybody help? Thanks
Sue Wortman
Sue Wortman Euan Adie, of has presented on the uptake of altmetrics. Slides are here
Recording from October 2013 presentation at NISO is here and his lightning talk starts around 47:25
11th June
William Gunn
William Gunn Michael Habib has reported a survey of researchers here:
These slides are a bit dated, showing 1% awareness, but I believe he has presented updated results showing 7%, which is actually quite an increase in a year!
12th June
Lambert Heller

My name is Lambert, I'm from the Open Science Lab of TIB Hannover. (TIB is the German National Library for Science and Technology.)

12 month ago, I started with two colleagues from Humboldt University Berlin a betting game at a library conference in Berlin. (Cf. our blog posts in Google's english:

From our 12 bets on the "future of Open Access and Open Science", one question was to predict if (and when) the following will happen:

"Among the major universities (the 400 universities in the most recent Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings) at least 20 explicitly use altmetrics in tenure decisions or allocation of resources."

Participants could place their coins on "will happen until 2014-03-05".

It's not trivial to find evidences for something like that. Do you know if there is a collection of examples in the recent literature about altmetrics? Or do you know of any examples at all? Any hint would be of great help, thank you in advance! :)


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Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Lambert, I have been trying to find a source (or any clue) for this quote, but I've drawn a blank, I'm afraid. I've heard rumours, but I can't find any facts. If I hear any of them, I'll let you know!
16th May
Bernd Markscheffel
The submission deadline of March 03, 2014 for the 10th WIS in Ilmenau (Germany) is approaching. Please consider to contribute to and/or forward to the appropriate groups the opportunity to submit and publish original scientific results to COLLNET 2014. Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit extended article versions the COLLNET Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management. COLLNET 2014 Topics (topics and submission details: see CfP on the site

Hamed Alhoori
Bernd Markscheffel
It is my pleasure to invite all interested researcher to our conference on Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics (10th WIS) in Ilmenau (Germany). Special tracks on altmetrics and new approaches for analyzing and calculating the impact of scholarship have to be filled with life. Please have a look at the CfP and follow us on Twitter @collnet2014.
Merry Christmas to everybody! Bernd
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Kayvan Kousha
New publication
Kousha, K. & Thelwall, M. (in press). An automatic method for extracting citations from Google Books. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology.
Sophie McDonald
Need help working with academics in arts and design to measure impact of creative works and things other than journal articles. Any suggestions?
Sophie McDonald
Sophie McDonald Thanks Hamed, not exactly what I'm after but thanks anyway. I'm more interested in tools like Plumx, Impactstory and Altmetrics bookmarklet and how they can be used for measuring impact of scholarly and non scholarly works.
10th October
Hazman Aziz
Hazman Aziz you can look from a marketing angle (marketers call it digital engagement or digital conversation). i am using altmetric to see how many conversation has taken in place around a certain paper that i have written. it can be applied on certain works too apart from just academic journal. just redefine the meaning of conversation.
10th October
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor ImpactStory does allow you to look at altmetric activity using URLs rather than DOIs, otherwise it'll be difficult. I heard this morning that many films have DOIs
10th October
Anna Maria Tammaro
It seems to me that Altmetrics is based on the assumption that scholars interact with social media. But if humanities scholars do not use social media, how can Altmetrics work for them?
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Hamed Alhoori
Hamed Alhoori You may like to read this paper "Identifying the Real-time impact of the Digital Humanities using Social Media Measures", I can send you a copy
6th June
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Although scholarly use of altmetrics is a big part of the mix, there's a lot more to it than that. For example, non-scholarly social media references of research material, re-use of figures, slideshows and data, mass media mentions, grey literature (government reports, legistlation, hearings, etc) can all be part of what we call altmetrics.

I thi...
5th September
Ehsan Mohammadi
Assessing non-standard article impact using F1000 labels
Keita Bando
Highlights of #altmetrics: December 2012 If there is news that I've missed, please let me know. ;)
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Xianwen Wang
Nature reported our paper " Exploring scientists’ working timetable: Do scientists often work overtime?" (

About this group

The aim of this group is to discuss new approaches to the assessment of scholarly impact based on new metrics. altmetrics go beyond traditional citation-based indicators as well as raw usage factors (such as downloads or click-through rates) in that they focus on readership, diffusion and reuse indicators that can be tracked via blogs, social media, peer production systems, collaborative annotation tools (including social bookmarking and reference management services).

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