03. Making changes to a style

How to get started with editing a style to meet your needs.

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Making simple cosmetic amendments to a style is possible using just the Example Panel and the Info Panel. We’ll now walk through the steps involved in performing a very simple style change.

Let’s say that your new in-house style is identical to IEEE - except for the requirement that author names must be displayed in bold in the bibliography.

To achieve this we will need to amend the style instructions that are applied to the author names. As we’re using IEEE as a basis, we can open this style for editing. By default the CSL Editor will add your name to the end of the existing style name to create a new style - the editor will always prevent you from overwriting the IEEE style, which you may need in the future.

With your new style open, the first step is to identify the component you intend to amend. In this instance, we know that we want to amend the author names - which are prominently visible in the Example Panel. Simply click on the author names from the first example citation. You should note that the active element in the Style Overview panel updates to reflect that the Names attribute is now the active element - the relevant element (in this case Bibliography > Layout > Author (macro) > Names ) will have expanded and been highlighted. You’ll also note that the Info Panel changes to reflect the options available to apply to this element.


In the Info Panel, you can now use the options that appear under ‘Text formatting’ to apply different style rules to the Names. In this case we want to make the Names bold, so just click the emboldened ‘B’ symbol. You should immediately see the change in the Example Panel.


It's important to remember that some elements (such as the title of a reference) can be used in multiple locations within the style. This means that when making changes to them, it may be necessary to repeat the change across every location.


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