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Reading and annotating your documents

Read, highlight and annotate PDFs and keep all your thoughts across multiple documents in one place

Read and annotate

  1. Text select tool - Use this tool to select text within your document. You can use this to copy and paste relevant passages or to apply highlighting (see number 2).

  2. Highlight tool - Use this tool to apply highlighting to text within the document. The highlight tool will apply whichever color is currently set as active (see number 4).

    You can add highlights to your Notebook by selecting the highlight and selecting 'Add to Notebook'. For more details see the Notebook section below.

  3. Sticky Note tool - Use this tool to create sticky notes at specific locations within the document. Select wherever you want the note to appear (see number 9 for an example of a note within a document).

  4. Color selection - Mendeley Reference Manager supports highlighting in a number of different colors. Use this menu to select the active color. Notes and highlights that you create will use this color.

  5. Fit to width or height - Use these buttons to fit the PDF to the available width or height.

  6. Zoom - Use these buttons to zoom into and out of the PDF.

  7. Info - Use this button to open the Info panel. For more details about the tabs in the Info panel see the ‘Annotations’ tab and Mendeley Notebook sections below.

  8. Highlighted text - Select a passage of highlighted text to modify or remove the highlighting or to add the highlight to your Notebook.

  9. Sticky note - Sticky notes within the document will be represented by icons. Select the icon to reveal the contents of the sticky note.

  10. Library - To navigate back to your references select the 'Library' button.

See all your sticky notes in the Annotations tab

To see all sticky notes on the PDF select the 'Info' button (number 7 in the image above) and select the 'Annotations' tab.

  1. Sticky note - All sticky notes from the selected PDF are visible here.
  2. Close - Select this to close the panel.

Keep all your thoughts in one place using Mendeley Notebook

Collect highlights and comments across the multiple PDFs you're reading and keep them all securely in one place using Mendeley Notebook.

Notebook pages aren't tied to a specific reference and allow you to add highlights from many PDFs to a single page. You can access the Notebook by selecting the 'Notebook' button above the PDF.

  1. Access your Notebook - Select the Notebook. 
  2. See your Notebook pages - Select a title to open the page.
  3. Delete Notebook pages - Select the trash icon next to the page to delete it.
  4. Create new Notebook pages - Select this to create a new, blank page. You can create as many Notebook pages as you need. 
  1. Title - Add a title, this will be visible in your list of Notebook pages.
  2. Body - You can type into the body of the Notebook page.
  3. Highlights - Any highlights that were added to the Notebook page will be italicized and bordered. Navigate back to the source of any highlight by selecting it.