Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.16

Features and Improvements

Annotation improvements

This release improved the usability of the highlight and sticky note tools in Mendeley Desktop. We’ve rearranged the toolbar in the PDF viewer to match the reading workflow. We moved The least used buttons to the Edit menu (Rotate page, and copy/paste). Select text is now the default tool, and the way each tool interacts with each other is now much more intuitive. Selecting text and then clicking on the ‘Highlight’ tool in the toolbar will now create a new highlight.

The Sticky Note Editor Widget

This version includes a new design for the sticky note bubbles and notes in the right hand panel. The new note design includes who authored the note and allows you to delete a note without needing to right-click on the sticky note icon (although this is still possible). The note window size is now dynamic, resizes based on the content.

Bug Fixes

BibTeX export fixes:

  • DOI containing underscores will be exported properly.
  • Added missing unicode symbol conversion.
  • Support for iotas.
  • Support for chevrons.

Citation Plugin

  • Fixed inserting citations where author surnames contain semicolons.
  • Fixed a problem with different spacing when updating bibliographies created with version 1.14.
  • (Mac) Fixed the issue with inserting citations in the Japanese edition of MS Word 2016.
  • (Mac) Fixed disappearing "Insert Citation" button in the Turkish edition of Word 2016.


  • (Windows) Fixed the reset feature.
  • Fixed remove highlight option being presented inconsistently for group annotations.
  • Fixed the problem with HTML tags in document notes breaking note search.
  • Fixed various folder synchronization issues that happened when modifying the folder hierarchy.
  • Fixed a bug preventing you from selecting text inside an existing highlight.
  • Fixed a bug preventing you from restoring some Mendeley Desktop backups.
  • Fixed crash which could occur when signing into the application.
  • Fixed crash occuring when signing out then immediately closing the application.
  • (Mac) The word plugin will now still work when opening multiple Microsoft Word 2011 windows.
  • The Microsoft Word plugin will not cause an issue when opening a protected word file.


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