Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.17.12-dev1

This release improves stability and error handling.

All Platforms

  • Fixes crash on startup if the local database wasn't consistent
  • Fixes problems with "Restore backup" functionality
  • Fixes syncing problems for the error "Missing required field: Text"
  • "Welcome to Mendeley" onboarding page content improvement
  • Word plugin: notifies users if a citation cannot be inserted (in formulas, illustrations, etc.)

Mac OS

  • Fixes error that caused Mendeley Desktop to not load properly (stayed in the "Splash Screen")
  • Word Plugin: fixes "Insert Citation" if Microsoft Word is in full screen (it exits full screen)
  • Mendeley Desktop is now compatible with version 16 of Word (Office 365)


Mendeley uses

Mendeley Open Source Library

The Mendeley Open Source library contains code derived from Qt or kdelibs, and some Mendeley-authored utility classes.