Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.3

This release adds a new 'Open in Mendeley' feature alongside a number of performance and stability improvements.

New Features

  • Open in Mendeley - PDF files can now be opened in Mendeley Desktop directly.
    • Right click on a PDF file in your file browser and select 'Open With -> Mendeley Desktop'
    • Mac - Drag and drop PDF files onto the Mendeley Desktop dock icon to open them.
    • Mac - Drag and drop links to PDF files from your web browser onto the Mendeley Desktop dock icon to download and open them in Mendeley.


  • Reduced start-up time.
  • Reduced memory usage when importing PDFs.
  • The citation formatting engine has been updated. This fixes a number of issues with citation formatting.
  • Faster file downloads during sync.
  • Added a series of hints which will appear to show new users around Mendeley.

Bug Fixes

  • (Windows) Fixed overflow error when refreshing some large Word documents.
  • (Windows, Linux) Fixed 'incorrectly encoded content' error that some users experienced with Mendeley Desktop 1.1
  • Fixed a bug that could result in associations between documents and folders not being synced correctly when joining an existing group.
  • Increased the timeout when loading web content. This fixes some content in Mendeley Desktop failing to load on slow connections and the groups members list failing to load in some large groups.
  • Fixed a bug where automatically generated citation keys for Bibtex entries were not disambiguated correctly for accented author names.
  • (Mac) Fixed periodic hang on exit under OS X 10.7 (Lion)
  • (Windows) Mendeley no longer prevents PDF files from being deleted or renamed when they are open in the internal PDF viewer.
  • (Linux) Fixed SSL error on Ubuntu 11.10 and Fedora 16 when Qt is not installed system-wide. Fedora 16 users should see this FAQ entry.
  • (Linux, Mac) Fixed an error where Mendeley incorrectly reported that it was already running when started on some systems.
  • (Linux) Fixed startup script failing to run on systems where /usr/bin/python is Python 3.


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