Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.6-dev5

This update for Mendeley Desktop 1.6 improves detection of available LibreOffice/ versions and also fixes several UI issues. This is likely to be the final update before the stable 1.6 release, so please report any problems you encounter. Thank-you for your help testing this release!

  • (Windows, Mac) Added an option to use custom proxy settings for Mendeley Desktop in the Connection tab. Mendeley will use the system proxy settings by default.
  • (Windows) LibreOffice is now supported on Windows.
  • Improved detection of available LibreOffice and OpenOffice versions on Windows, Mac and Linux. Note that on Mac we only support LibreOffice.
  • Added Edit -> Cut shortcut and fixed cut/copy/paste actions in search bar.
  • (Mac) Fixed scrolling behavior in 'Mendeley Suggest' view when using a magic mouse or trackpad.
  • (Mac) Removed empty View -> Toolbar Layout menu.
  • (Windows) Fixed occasional crash on sync.


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