Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.9-dev1

This update allows you to search and import articles from the Mendeley catalog directly from Mendeley Desktop.

Catalog Search

  • Search and import articles from the Mendeley catalog of over 70 million research papers from Mendeley Desktop.
  • Direct open access import - For selected open access articles you can import the details and full text into Mendeley Desktop with a single click.

PDF Viewer

  • Explain phrase - Select a word or phrase in a PDF and click 'Define' in the action bar that appears to view an explanation of that phrase from Wikipedia.
  • Improved text selection - Text selection and highlighting is now more robust, especially in pages with more complex layouts and older PDF files.


  • Copy BibTeX entries directly to the clipboard via Edit -> Copy As -> BibTeX Entry.
  • Page Up/Down in the PDF viewer now navigate up/down one screen rather than a whole page.
  • 'Open File Externally' now selects the file in Finder on Mac.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed file downloads failing on encrypted home directories on Linux due to overly long file names.
  • Fixed removal of file attachments not being synced properly.
  • Fixed a problem formatting Mendeley citations after changing the font style to ALL CAPS in Word.


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