02. An overview of the Editor

Once you’ve identified a base style and opened it in the visual editor, you’re ready to start applying changes. The CSL Editor has a number of important elements:

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  1. Style Menu - acts similarly to the ‘File’ menu in other applications. It allows you to save the Style, open a different Style, or create a new Style.

  2. Edit Menu - contains the ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ options which allow you to revert and restore changes you make during the course of your edits.

  3. Help Menu - allows access to documentation on Mendeley, the CSL Editor and the wider use of CSL.

  4. Name - the name of the style you are currently editing. Can be modified in the Info panel.

  5. Style Overview - provides access to different components of the style for editing. Controls contents and logic of style.

  6. Add/Delete Node - allows insertion and removal of logic components.

  7. Example Panel - shows a live preview of how your style will display.

  8. Info Panel - displays detailed options based on object selected in Style Overview panel. This is where the majority of editing takes place.


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