Synchronize across devices

Sync lets you synchronize your data across devices so you can access your research wherever you go.

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Why is Sync useful?

Sync makes it easy to get up and go and have all your research waiting for you on your home computer, work computer or mobile device - just the way you left it.


How does it work?

When you click Sync in Mendeley Desktop, your Mendeley library data will be securely stored on the Mendeley servers so you can access it on any machine anywhere you go. Notes and annotations made in groups will also be available to others after clicking Sync.


Where's all my data?

Your data is safely stored on Mendeley’s servers. Mendeley will never publish private or personally identifiable data. No one will ever know what you are currently researching or reading, unless you explicitly decide to share this data with other researchers.

You can see our privacy terms for more information.


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