Making changes to your private group

Keep your group up to date by modifying its details, administrating its membership and retiring groups that are no longer required.

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Changing details

You can modify the name, description and accompanying image for your group at any time by using the 'Edit Settings' menu - useful if you want to re-purpose a group or point members to updated information via the associated weblink.

This can be undertaken by any group member with administrator privileges.


Closing a group

If you want to delete a group, you can simply right click on the group name in left-hand panel of Mendeley desktop and choose 'Remove group'.

If you are the only member of the group, you will simply be asked to confirm its deletion.

If the group has other members, you will be asked if you wish to transfer ownership to another member. Doing so will mean the group's storage is assigned to their account, rather than you - so may be an option in some cases.

Only the group owner can close a group. 


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