Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.0

This update adds a tool for cleaning up duplicated documents in your library, support for nested folders in My Library and Groups and a new look for the Microsoft Word plugin on Windows.

New Features

  • Support for nested folders. To create a nested folder, right click on an existing folder and select 'New Folder'.
  • Support for folders (and nested folders) in groups.
  • Tool to find and merge duplicate documents in your library. To give your library a spring clean, go to Tools -> Check for Duplicates
  • (Windows) The Microsoft Word plugin has a new look in Word 2007 and Word 2010. Look for the 'Mendeley Cite-O-Matic' in the toolbar.
  • Travelling library. Mendeley Desktop now saves a mini-library of cited publications inside Microsoft Word and OpenOffice documents. Mendeley can import citations from this mini-library into your main library in Mendeley Desktop. This is useful if you need to update a Word document containing citations which have been removed from your main Mendeley library.

Improvements to Existing Features

  • The sticky notes list in the 'Notes' tab has been re-designed. It loads faster, notes are resized to fit their contents and website addresses are displayed as clickable links.
  • The PDF viewer now displays notes and highlights for a document from all groups, instead of just notes for the copy of the document in the current group.
  • Your reading position and last-used rotation/zoom settings within papers is now saved automatically and will be restored when re-opening a paper.
  • The citation editor in Word and now searches your library as you type, instead of requiring whole keywords to be entered.
  • The file organizer now archives files in a separate folder when they are deleted from your Mendeley library. A 'Tidy Up' button has been added in the 'File Organizer' tab of the Preferences dialog which allows you to clean up your file organizer folder.
  • File organizer settings are now linked to your account and saved along with your documents and annotations in Mendeley's local database. If you use multiple accounts with Mendeley on the same system, you can now use separate file organizer settings for each.
  • (Linux) The 'generic' Linux version of Mendeley Desktop now works on recent versions of Fedora, provided that Qt is installed. It also integrates better with the system look and feel.
  • (Mac) Support for editing existing citations in Word.

Bug Fixes

  • (Mac) Fixed a fairly common crash when importing certain PDFs
  • Book sections are now exported as @incollection entries in Bibtex files.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements to citation formatting.
  • Fixed hang when syncing a large number of PDF annotations onto a new PC. A number of other annotation sync bugs have also been fixed.
  • (Windows) Fixed various causes of Microsoft Word or Mendeley Desktop crashing when using the Mendeley plugin.

Supported Platforms

The minimum requirements for the Mac and Linux versions have changed in this release. Mendeley for Mac requires Mac OS 10.5 and an Intel Mac. Mendeley for Linux requires Debian Lenny (or equivalent) and newer.

Under-the-Hood Notes:

  • The Word and OpenOffice plugins now use the same version number as Mendeley Desktop.


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