Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.0-dev4

This is a bug-fix update for Mendeley Desktop v1.0-dev2. Please refer to the release notes for
Mendeley Desktop v1.0-dev2 for the full list of new features and improvements.

  • Allow Windows-style line endings in the journal abbreviations text file.
  • Clicking 'Remove from Collection' will now remove documents from the current folder or any sub-folders.
  • Support closing tabs with middle-mouse click.
  • Removed the 'Edit Settings' button for folders in groups and sub-folders, since these folders do not yet support any settings.
  • Hide the 'Merge Documents' option in the trash.
  • Fixed crash when opening Word from an existing document.
  • Fixed several crashes in the citation style selection dialog.
  • Fixed several bugs with the undoing actions in the 'Check for Duplicates' view.
  • Fixed error with 'Export OpenOffice Compatible' option in Word plugin.
  • Fixed Mendeley not falling back to editor or translator names for inline citations for documents with no authors in certain citation styles.
  • Fixed error in Word when dragging and dropping text containing an inline citation.
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to metadata correction in the de-duplication view.
  • Fixed spurious warning about a change of linked Mendeley account in the Mac Word plugin.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Edit Settings' or 'Create Group' web content could get squashed into the bottom of the screen.
  • Fixed a crash when clicking in the PDF viewer.
  • Fixed a rare crash on exit.
  • Fix a rare crash if an annotated document is removed mid-sync.
  • Fixed a several causes of error messages in the Mac and Windows Word plugins.
  • Prevent the Windows Word plugin from asking the user whether they want to save changes to the plugin on exit.
  • Fixed an occassional crash when switching accounts via Tools -> Options.


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