Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.10.2-dev1

This release adds an option to sign out of the current account (under the 'File' / 'Mendeley Desktop' menu) and includes a number of bug fixes.

New Features

  • Sign Out - Added an option to sign out of the current account under File → Sign Out (Windows/Linux) / Mendeley Desktop → Sign Out (Mac).

Bugs Fixed

  • Mac: Improved interface speed and responsiveness under OS X Mavericks
  • Windows: Folder and filter labels in the left-hand library tree became invisible if text zoom was set to 200% or larger.
  • Windows: Pressing Ctrl+C when viewing a PDF sometimes copied a citation for the document instead of the selected text.
  • Windows: Metadata was not extracted from PDF files imported from a folder whose name contained Chinese characters.
  • Windows: The Word and LibreOffice plugins did not work if 'Work Offline' mode was enabled in Internet Explorer.
  • Some fields were still editable for documents in read-only groups.
  • Some PDFs (eg. those downloaded from ) opened in an external PDF viewer rather than the internal one.
  • Fixed a crash when performing a new Literature Search whilst another was in progress.
  • The 'Section' and 'Series' fields were missing from formatted citations in styles that use these fields.
  • Small-caps formatting is now supported in citation styles that use it, eg. Bluebook Law Review.
  • Windows: File attachment links being lost if the file organizer was set to use Mendeley's Downloaded folder.
  • The 'Tidy Up' feature under File Organizer settings could sometimes get stuck indefinitely.


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