Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.11

This release adds an experimental feature to help you explore papers and find relevant information in them more quickly. This improved reading experience is initially available for Open Access papers, we're hoping to expand it to additional content in future.

There are also bug fixes for issues relating to citation formatting, hyperlinks in the PDF viewer and the Mac Word Plugin.

New Features

  • Contents - The Contents tab displays an outline of the PDF. This will use the outline embedded in the PDF if present or an automatically extracted outline for selected open access papers.
  • Enrichments - For supported papers, the Enrichments tab displays tables and figures found in the paper, allowing you to navigate the paper more quickly. You can also copy table data directly to the clipboard for further analysis in other apps.
  • Preview Release Opt-in - Added option to opt-in to preview updates under Help -> Check for Updates -> Opt-in to Experimental Releases.


  • Pasting a link into Mendeley Desktop now adds the original URL to the newly imported document(s).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the scroll position was lost in the Notes pane when switching between tabs.
  • Fixed certain hyperlinks not scrolling to linked page when clicked in PDF viewer.
  • Corrected the tooltip for the 'Insert Citation' button in Mac Word.
  • Selecting an already-selected Note in the notes tab or entry in the Enrichments tab now correctly scrolls to the entry in the PDF.
  • Mac: Fixed a crash on startup when automatic proxy configuration is enabled if the PAC configuration URL is invalid.
  • Mac: Fixed a crash when dragging a PDF file onto the Mendeley dock icon whilst signed out.
  • Fixed citations generated for legal cases and working papers with certain styles.
  • Fixed formatting issues with citation styles that use small-caps formatting.
  • Fixed PDF viewer navigating to wrong location for some PDF links and table of contents entries.
  • Fixed a crash when indexing certain invalid PDF files.
  • Mac: Fixed 'osacompile' error which some users experienced when installing the Word plugin.

Supported Platforms

There are no changes to the supported platforms in this update, but please be aware of some upcoming changes in future releases:

  • Linux: We will shortly be retiring support for Ubuntu 10.04. Mendeley Desktop will require Ubuntu 12.04 (or equivalent) or newer.
  • Windows: The Word plugin in future releases of Mendeley Desktop will require Word 2007 or newer.


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