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Mendeley Desktop v1.13-dev8

This is a release candidate for Mendeley Desktop 1.13. See the 'Improvements in 1.13' section for an overview of what is new in this update.

Changes in 1.13-dev8

  • Fixed hang when syncing accounts with large numbers of annotations with 1.13 for the first time.
  • Fixed merging of document notes when using deduplication tool and crash that occurred when syncing after using de-duplication tool.
  • Fixed sticky note annotations not being displayed in public groups.
  • Fixed several issues related to document note syncing after upgrading from 1.12 to 1.13.
  • Fixed several issues related to file syncing after upgrading from 1.12 to 1.13.
  • Fixed group invites not being sent when creating groups within Mendeley Desktop.
  • Fixed sync crash if documents were added on one client whilst another was syncing.
  • (Ubuntu) Added instructions to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mendeleydesktop.list on switching between stable and pre-release channels

Changes in 1.13-dev7

  • Fixed empty titles on document deduplication.
  • Fixed issue that would prevent the user from deleting a document note created by another user in a shared group.
  • Fixed issue that could crash the application if the owner of a shared group had deleted his account
  • Fixed issue that would prevent the user from restoring the backup.

Changes in 1.13-dev6

  • Fixed "Unable to read HTTP status code" error if "Use System Connection Settings" option was enabled.
  • Fixed error when syncing files whose names contain quotes.
  • Fixed issue that could cause citations to be re-ordered during refresh if the document was edited whilst the citations were being updated.
  • Fixed issue that could cause annotation syncing errors.

Fixed in 1.13-dev5

  • Fixed a recurring crash when syncing annotations.
  • Fixed a possible sync loop when syncing folders.
  • Better handling of connectivity or service problems when using Mendeley's services to update existing Mendeley installations.

Improvements in 1.13

  • Improved metadata quality - Mendeley will now match imported PDFs against our catalog of the world's research and pull in metadata from it. This provides more accurate and complete details for many papers, including full abstracts and publication information for millions of articles.
  • Update document details using the Mendeley catalog - You can now update articles in your library with metadata from our catalog of the world's research in a couple of clicks. Select entries in your library, right-click and select Update Details.
  • Faster and more data-efficient sync - Syncing large libraries onto new systems is now faster and shows better progress information. Sync now uses less bandwidth, especially for large libraries.

Supported Platforms

  • This release re-introduces support for certain older Linux systems, including CentOS / RedHat / Scientific Linux 6.5


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