Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.17.12-dev3

This release improves stability and error handling.

All Platforms

  • Fixes crash on startup if the local database wasn't consistent
  • Fixes problems with "Restore backup" functionality
  • Fixes syncing problems for the error "Missing required field: Text"
  • "Welcome to Mendeley" onboarding page content improvement
  • Microsoft Word plugin: notifies users if a citation cannot be inserted (in formulas, illustrations, etc.)
  • Microsoft Word plugin: fixes "Object required (424)" error
  • Microsoft Word/LibreOffice plugins: when editing a citation and pressing "Go to Mendeley": highlights the edited documents in Mendeley Desktop
  • Microsoft Word/LibreOffice APA 6th Edition (and others): fixes error when citing a document multiple times
  • Fixes links to Mendeley help webpages

Mac OS

  • Fixes error that caused Mendeley Desktop to not load properly (stayed in the "Splash Screen")
  • Microsoft Word Plugin: fixes "Insert Citation" if Microsoft Word is in full screen (it exits full screen)
  • Mendeley Desktop is now compatible with version 16 of Word (Office 365)


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