Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

Download the most recent Mendeley Desktop version

Mendeley Desktop v1.17.9


We have made some fixes and enhancements to give you a better experience with the annotations tool.

  • You can now select a highlight regardless of which tool is active and once you have selected your highlight the context menu will now be shown.
  • If you are editing a note, when you close that note the active tool will no longer change.
  • Deselecting a note you have added to a highlight takes you back to the full text.


A new help button has been added to the toolbar to make it easier for you to find all you need to guide you through Mendeley Desktop.

Bug Fixes

  • Mac users with Microsoft Word 2011 installed can now install the Citation Plug In without getting a compilation error.
  • If you have Airwatch installed and still experiencing Citation Plug In issues then please contact Support who will guide you through a fix.
  • On high DPI screens, if you use a zoom factor of 150% or more, the "added" column of the document view will display in full


Mendeley uses

Mendeley Open Source Library

The Mendeley Open Source library contains code derived from Qt or kdelibs, and some Mendeley-authored utility classes.