Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.5-dev4

Changes in 1.5-dev4

  • Automatic sync from desktop to web has been turned off by default prior to the final release of 1.5. Syncing requires clicking the 'Sync' button as in previous releases. If you want to re-enable automatic sync, you can do so from the debug console. To show the debug console, press Ctrl+Shift+D (Windows, Linux) or Cmd+Shift+D (Mac).
  • Fixed a bug where the citation style could be changed when opening an existing Word document containing Mendeley citations.
  • Fixed a sporadic crash when exiting Mendeley.
  • Fixed a problem when refreshing bibliographies created with the Word on Mac under Word on Windows.
  • On Mac only, OpenOffice support has been dropped in favor of LibreOffice. You can download LibreOffice for Mac here.


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