Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.6

This update adds support for specifying page numbers and other options for individual citations, improved search in the PDF viewer, a more modern look on Mac and support for LibreOffice on Windows.

  • The citation editor now has options for each citation to specify page numbers (and other kinds of location within a work), custom prefixes and suffixes and suppress author names for inline citations.
  • (Mac) OS X Lion full-screen support and improved full-screen presentation under OS X 10.5 and 10.6.
  • Improved search in the PDF viewer.
  • Mendeley will jump to the first match in the PDF viewer when opening a tab from the search view.
  • The filter box in the lower-left corner of Mendeley Desktop can now be hidden.
  • (Windows and Mac) Mendeley will now use the system proxy settings by default. This fixes problems connecting to Mendeley Web on some systems. If you encounter any problems, this can be disabled in the Connection settings page.
  • (Windows) Mendeley Desktop now supports recent versions of LibreOffice.
  • Citation formatting fixes.
  • (Mac) Initial support for 'Retina' displays.
  • (Mac) Fixed a number of long standing window behavior issues including: Support for all-corners resize, dragging the toolbar above the top of the screen is no longer possible, the minimum size of the main window is now smaller.
  • When adding articles to My Publications, it is now clearer how this content will be made available for visitors to your profile on

Supported Platforms

There are no changes to the supported platforms in this update, but please be aware that for the next release, the minimum versions will be:

Windows - Windows XP Service Pack 2

Linux - Ubuntu 10.04 (or an equivalently new Linux distribution).


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