Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.7

Improvements in this release include a visual editor for citation styles, a faster plugin for Mac Word 2011, incremental search and many bug fixes.

Citation Style Editor

  • Integrated visual style editor. Right click on a style in the citation styles dialog and select 'Edit Style' to open the online editor. Custom styles are saved online with your Mendeley account and can be shared with other users of Mendeley.
  • Easier 3rd-party style import. The 'Get More Styles' dialog now has a box where links to styles can be pasted. Styles can also be dragged and dropped into the dialog.
  • Search by name or example. Using the online style browser, you can search for citation styles by providing example inline citations and bibliography entries.
  • Added option to copy a link to a citation style from the styles dialog. This link can be used to import the style on other computers or shared with other Mendeley users.

Microsoft Word plugins

  • New, faster plugin for Mac Word 2011. The new plugin has an improved UI and better performance when refreshing citations in large documents.
  • Disabled spelling and grammar highlights for bibliographies inserted with the Mendeley plugin.
  • Fixed several bugs affecting sorting of bibliography entries for authors whose names contain particles ('van', 'von', etc.)


  • Search is now incremental and starts updating results after a single key press.
  • Search now finds and can show matches for all document fields.
  • Search behavior is now more consistent between the main application and the citation editor.
  • Fixed many bugs in handling of field-specific searches and handling of OR and NOT queries.


  • Mendeley Desktop will now notice when you import PDF files repeatedly from the same folder and will look for other articles in the same folder and offer to import them.
  • Fixed several issues affecting import of notes and URLs from RIS files, including RIS files created by RefMan on Windows.


  • Refreshed the toolbar on Windows and Linux.
  • Added Edit -> Copy Citation menu item to copy a citation for the selected document in the PDF viewer.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hangs that could occur when performing batch edits in a large library and when enabling BibTeX sync for the first time in a large library.
  • Fixed a bug causing BibTeX sync to include deleted documents.
  • Fixed a hang that could occur when opening the 'Add Folder' and 'Watch Folder' dialogs.


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