Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.7-dev5

This is a release candidate for Mendeley Desktop 1.7. This update brings refinements to the Mac Word 2011 plugin, the citation style editor and fixes a long standing issue with a hang in the Add/Watch Folder dialogs on Windows.

Citation Style Editor

    The citation style editor's URL has changed from to The styles created by the editor now have IDs beginning with This prefix should be stable going forwards. Within Mendeley Desktop, the style editor can be opened by right-clicking on a style in the citation style dialog and selecting 'Edit Style'
  • Added a 'Save As' option to the citation style editor. This creates a copy of the style being edited with a new ID.
  • Added a Help menu to the citation style editor with links to documentation for the style editor and integration with Mendeley Desktop.
  • Added a 'Copy Style Link' menu item to the context menu in the citation styles dialog. This can be used to get a link to a style which can then be shared with other Mendeley users.

Word Plugins

  • (Mac and Windows) Fixed issue where focus did not return to Word after changing citation style using the citation style browser.
  • (Mac and Windows) Turned off grammar checking for bibliography entries inserted in Word using the Mendeley plugin.
  • (Mac) Keyboard shortcuts have been re-introduced for the Mac Word 2011 plugin. They can be found in the Script -> Mendeley menu.
  • (Mac) When installing the plugin, warn if Office has been installed without Visual Basic for Applications support.
  • Fixed a Mendeley crash when refreshing a document containing citations inserted using Zotero's Word plugin if the option to embed document details in citation fields is turned off in Zotero's document preferences.

PDF Import

  • (Windows) Fixed a long standing problem in the Add Folder and Watch Folders dialogs that could cause the dialog to hang when opening, especially when browsing folders on remote systems.
  • In the 'Import more PDFs from this folder' dialog, clicking 'No Thanks' no longer prevents unselected files from being suggested for import again in the future.


  • Fixed searches for 'field:keyword1 keyword2' finding all documents matching 'field:keyword1' OR containing 'keyword2' in the full text. The current behavior is that both 'keyword1' and 'keyword2' must match the metadata.


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