Release Notes for Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop v1.8.1-dev1

This is a small update which fixes a number of bugs and adds support for Microsoft Word 2013.

  • (Windows) Added support for Microsoft Word 2013.
  • (Windows, Mac) The plugin can insert citations in text boxes.
  • Fixed bibliography sorting when using characters with accents, umlauts, etc.
  • Searches for "fieldname:keyword" will now return the same results if there are spaces after the colon.
  • (Mac) Fixed several Mac Word 2011 plugin problems when using the Script menu or the shortcuts instead of the toolbar.
  • (Mac) Fixed Word plugin not showing the style under some circumstances.
  • The library of citation styles available under the 'Get More Styles' tab is now updated daily from the central style repository.
  • (Linux) Fixed problem with Mendeley Desktop not starting on some Linux systems if system QtWebKit library was not installed or other similar issues.


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