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Employer spotlight: University of Nottingham

From time to time we’ll be highlighting a key employer, inviting them to tell us about their institution or department and the exciting opportunities they have available.

Here, we hear from the University of Nottingham, UK about a new team they’re building of experts in metabolic engineering, process development and sustainable chemistry. 


Join the University of Nottingham's visionary researchers and be part of a pioneering team working collaboratively to discover carbon neutral solutions for a sustainable future.


Molecules are the defining building blocks that underpin economic activity and modern living standards. We are all reliant upon the secure and affordable supply of clean water, nutritious food, medicines, fabrics and much more. Yet many of the materials that make these goods are manufactured inefficiently, unsustainably and unimaginatively.


The Green Chemicals Beacon of Excellence is investing over £4 million in growing our pioneering team of scientists and engineers working to create a cutting-edge sustainable processing platform that will unleash economic potential for our collaborators. Facing up to global challenges, your research will drive a new wave of innovation and deliver impacts that are crucial to the success of UK manufacturing and the health of our rapidly growing global population.

Part of a landmark investment by the University of Nottingham aimed at increasing collaboration, strengthening networks and partnerships, attracting diverse funding, and raising the reputation of our world-changing research, The Green Chemicals Beacon addresses the challenge of securing the low carbon bio-economy of the future. Our goal is ambitious and world-changing. We know that for innovation to happen knowledge and disciplines need to be integrated and that collaborative working is essential. You will join a team of world-leading expertise in metabolic engineering, process development and sustainable chemistry taking an industry led approach in spearheading the transformation of energy-intensive economies into low-carbon societies

Our state-of-the art facilities include the GSK Carbon Neutral Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry: a £24m building with cutting-edge green credentials and digital equipment. Occupying 4500 square metres over two floors, the laboratory is home to around 100 researchers and contains dedicated instrument rooms, a teaching laboratory for advanced undergraduate classes, and space to host a range of events including conferences and workshops with our industry partners, as well as outreach activities for schools and colleges. In addition our world-leading sustainable processing laboratory, due to open in autumn 2019 will provide a highly flexible, research hotel environment and contribute synergistically to the BioPilotsUK Biorefining Centres in the UK, setting Nottingham apart as a centre of excellence in sustainable processing. Strong collaborative links will be enabled with institutions such as CPI (England), IBioIC (Scotland), NREL (USA) and the Beacon Bioeconomy Research Centre (Ireland).


Our University has always been a supportive, inclusive, caring and positive community. We warmly welcome those of different cultures, ethnicities and beliefs – indeed this very diversity is vital to our success, it is fundamental to our values and enriches life on campus. We welcome applications from UK, Europe and from across the globe. For more information on the support we offer our international colleagues, visit; 


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