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Senior Data Engineer

Job Description

As a Senior Data Engineer you will be responsible for implementing methods to improve data reliability and quality, creating architectures for new projects that enable data extraction and transformation for modeling as well as selecting the appropriate tech stack associated with it. You will plan out the develop cycles deploying AGILE methodologies as well as creating the foundations for good data stewardship with our new data products! You will also set up a solid code framework that needs to be built to purpose yet have enough flexibility to adapt to new business use cases, a tough but rewarding challenge!

What you’ll get:

An amazing, holistic experience in deploying full scale data products, end-to-end, making the decisions and helping with implementations from start to finish.


Analyze and organize raw data

Build data systems, pipelines, analytical tools and programs

Evaluate business needs and objectives

Conduct complex data analysis and report on results

Prepare data for modeling

Interpret trends and patterns

Combine raw information from different sources

Explore ways to enhance data quality and reliability

Collaborate with data scientists and business analysts

Mentor junior resources.