03. Finding groups to join

Joining groups created by other Mendeley users is a good way to get access to subject-specific information.

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If you’re new to Mendeley, or if you want to find out about a particular subject, joining an existing group is a great way to grow your library quickly. Mendeley has over 100,000 public groups available to join.

To find new groups, you’ll need to log into your Mendeley account via Mendeley.com and browse to the groups section - www.mendeley.com/groups/.


There are a few ways to find new groups that you might want to join. The first option is to use Mendeley’s search tool to look up groups using a keyword or subject.

You can also browse through all public groups by subject. This allows you to focus on a particular field and to explore more specific disciplines.

When browsing the catalog, it’s always useful to look at the group’s activity, which will always be listed in the search results. Generally speaking, groups with more members will be more active and if you’re looking for lots of resources, you should join groups which already have lots of shared papers.


Outside the catalog, you can visit the profiles of colleagues or contacts who are active on Mendeley to find out which public groups they have joined. You can then join or follow the same groups to allow you to keep up with their activity, and participate in their discussions.

Finally, you may also be invited to join groups by other Mendeley users. Being active and participating in group discussions is an excellent way to build up your list of contacts and to meet new collaborators.


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