05. Managing groups

Curating your group's direction and helping it to grow.

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Once you’ve created a group, there are a few things that you can do to make it more useful for you and your collaborators. You can also make it more appealing for other Mendeley users to join, which can help to grow your group.

You can edit your group settings using the ‘Edit Settings’ button which appears in Mendeley Desktop, or the Settings tab which appears alongside a group in Mendeley Web. This will allow you to edit the original name and description, provided when the group was created, but also allows you to add some additional details.


You can add a photo to the group using the ‘Group Image’ settings. This will appear next to your group when its returned in search results, or appears in a user’s dashboard feed. An image helps your group to stand out and be identifiable to potential members. You could use your school’s crest, your team’s logo or anything else recognisable.


Finally, you can also categorize the group using the ‘Group Categories’ settings. This allows you to choose up to three Disciplines that your group falls under - again making it easier for potential members to find and join you using the Mendeley catalog. By default Mendeley will select any disciplines already associated with your profile.


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