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What [Mendeley] are up to is boldly innovative. The Mendeley team is attempting nothing less than changing the way scientists conduct and share their research.
Cross-platform Mendeley organizes, indexes, and even stores your documents in the cloud to make document management painless.
Mendeley Throws Open the Doors to Academic Data
New York Times / ReadWriteWeb
Beth Simone Noveck, director of the White House Open Government Initiative, sees the potential of this tool extending far beyond research and academia. "We need a Mendeley for policy-makers," Noveck told delegates at the second annual Activate summit.
The Guardian
Mendeley makes managing research more fun. … It's an excellent product … I just wish more of my colleagues used it!
Ars Technica
Mendeley […] organizes your electronic articles and citations, makes writing a works cited or a list of references a snap, and lets you easily share your work with colleagues across the hall or around the world. It elegantly integrates a desktop program, browser and word processor plugins, and an online networking site.
I Am Biotech
edlab teacherscollege
It is the best reference management system I have ever used (and I strongly recommend everyone at the lab to use it), with its 'intelligent' reference incorporation, identification and annotation functions. […] Simply put, it r.o.c.k.s
Ed Lab at Teachers College, Columbia University
Mendeley […] can help you spot rising stars and trends in scientific research as they happen. Who is the most popular researcher in your field this morning? Mendeley can, for the first time, tell you.
Wired Magazine
…of all the programs I’ve looked at and tried it is the one that fits best into my actual workflow. Mendeley is both a web application and stand alone desktop software. The two stay in perfect sync.
Savage Minds
Times Higher Education
As a growing number of academics seek to manage their research papers online, new Web 2.0 tools such as Mendeley are emerging to lend a hand.
Times Higher Education
Mendeley was originally designed for managing and sharing research papers and collaborating online. But the versatility of this program allows even the average user to use it to manage and share office documents, ebooks and such.
instant fundas
Mendeley is friggin awesome. If you are a paper hoarder like me, or just need a better way to organize massive numbers of research documents, this is a great program. Added in the latest update: renaming files. Oh sweet jebus.
Direct Neural Interface
Science Blogs
If you are a researcher, or a writer who writes non-fiction and thus needs to keep track of source material, Mendeley will change your life. In a good way. […] In other words, for a researcher, Mendeley is pretty much the most fun you can have with your pants on.
culture as science ~ science as culture,
The Guardian is correct in quoting me; I strongly believe that Mendeley can change the face of science.
Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO & former research scientist at Cornell University
Is this the best research tool in the last 10 years? (Probably)
I Love Technology
Mendeley is a great tool for people interested in science.
TechCrunch: Mendeley's Klingon battle cruiser de-cloaks in London with the for academia.
igital inspiration
Mendeley is an awesome desktop software cum web application that not only indexes your local PDF files but can also upload them online so you can read these files anytime, anywhere.
Digital Inspiration
the guardian
How inspired a scientific breakthrough […] Mendeley is on the way to changing the face of science.
The Guardian
my biotech life
I really recommend it.
My Biotech Life
So if you are still looking for a great software for organizing your papers with a great overall concept then you should definitely give it a try!!
Sebastian Pokutta's Blog
In summary, Mendeley is probably the most useful, workflow friendly bibliography system I’ve tried so far. If you’re in research, I’d recommend you give it a try.
Mendeley Snags $2 Million In Early-Stage Funding For Research Paper Management Tool.
Mendeley, the future of science publishing.
Overall, if you are neck deep in papers like me and want something that could help you organize them better and also help you take a backup of them, then Mendeley is for you.
Linux on Desktop
Mendeley May Just Present New ‘Gold-Standard’
University of British Columbia, The Search Principle Blog
Want to find out who is the most popular author in your field today? Mendeley can tell you. (..) Mendeley has grabbed the attention of users because it understands what they like. They like simplicity. They like instantaneous results.
OCLC Hanging Together Blog
Plugg wraps with two very capable winners - Mendeley is out to scrobble data about research papers, as well as making scientific research more social.
[The] automatic scan and data extraction works surprisingly well but it is always possible to check and edit data manually after the import has been completed.
Verdict [on Mendeley Lite for the iPad/iPhone]: no better way to keep your personal digital library with you on the go.
Walter Jessen, Expressing Scientific Insight
Mendeley is one of "19 Web Startups to Watch"
This application is a revolution in the way we organize, collaborate and share documents - both on and offline. […] So all in all, this application is a must have if you really want a tidy computer and easy collaboration with friends and colleagues.
Mendeley is a very interesting service that, as an academic, solves a real headache for me. Actually it helps with a number of headaches: maintaining my own publication database; maintaining my web academic presence; building my collaboration network etc. […] Our institutions might also learn a thing or two: compared to the research management systems that we have to deal with Mendeley is a dream.
Professor Barry Smyth, University College Dublin
In Russian, "Mendeley" means comforter of the mind. What better name for a product that is a comforter for researchers! (..) This software will change your researching-intellectual, academicky life forever!
Cultural Bytes
The application has a science scrobbler which extracts metadata from your files and adds it to Mendeley’s database. This speeds up the process of analyzing data like citations. To make the life of researchers easier, Mendeley also offers plug-ins for Word and LibreOffice which allow the user to automatically generate reference lists.
Research 2.0
Mendeley Desktop is a great help when managing your academic papers, documents, research material and all other sorts of work-related items that you need to use either for your job or your course.
This is a huge step forward in mobile bibliographic and reference computing. […] This is where the new iPhone application […] adds substantive value to my research workflow. The application syncs with my Mendeley libraries beautifully and allows me to read any of the pdf files I have posted to it.
Christopher Long, Associate Professor of Philosophy at The Pennsylvania State University.

Interviews interview with Jan and Victor:

Jan: "We want to be the of academic research
Victor: "I think what excites me most is the potential to add a social layer of discovery and impact measurement
Scienceblogs – A Blog Around The Clock
Victor: "Not to mention that, in comparison to solutions such as EndNote, RefMan, RefWorks etc., which cost hundreds of Euros per license, Mendeley Desktop is completely free.
Nature Network
Victor: "We realized that Mendeley could have an impact beyond individual research/citation management – on research collaboration, impact metrics, and possibly also publishing distribution models.

Vic Keegan from The Guardian meets Mendeley:

… the most interesting application of Mendeley: helping you discover, in real-time, what the currently “hottest” papers, topics or trends in your discipline are.

Victor's talk at Guardian Activate 2010, where Mendeley won the "Guardian Activate Future Technologies pitching contest:


Telegraph Tech Start-Up Class of 2011
Telegraph 2011 Tech Start-Up
Final 100 in Education, Recruitment and Jobs
Guardian Activate 2010
Guardian Activate 2010
"Guardian Activate Future Technologies pitching contest" Winner
The guardian logo tmi
Rank 6 in The Guardian/TMI 2009 list of Top 100 Tech Companies.
"Start-up Most Likely to Change the World for the Better" Winner
The Next Web 2009 'European Startup Of The Year' Finalist
The Next Web 2009
"European Startup Of The Year" Finalist
TechCrunch Europe 2009 Best Social Innovation Which Benefits Society Winner
TechCrunch Europe 2009
"Best Social Innovation Which Benefits Society" Winner
Plugg 2009 European Start-Up of the Year Winner
Plugg 2009
"European Start-Up of the Year" Winner

Research grants

Eurostats logo Technology Strategy Board eu
Mendeley's research is supported by Eurostars, an R&D initiative funded by the European Community and the UK's Technology Strategy Board